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Why choose fixy

Our Fixies are background checked with thorough
training, knowledge and personal interviews


Trusted Professionals

Our Handymen and cleaners are Background Checked and Experienced. At fixy, they go through a formal soft and hard skills training procedure

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100% Money Back Guarantee

If we failed to provide the service satisfactory to your expectations, we will refund your money. No Questions asked!

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Ease of Booking

Book your FIXY in a matter of seconds on Mobile as well! Still not comfortable, just call us on our helpline and we will help ensure your Booking goes through!

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30 Days Warranty

If a problem we've fixed re-occurs in less than 30 days, our Fixies will solve it for you free of cost. No extra charges whatsoever!

Or call us on +91 8080160760 to book an appointment


What we'll do for you

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Cleaning spaces- Your house,office or even a lazy friends room
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Repairing electrical fixtures and appliances
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Fixing anything that leaks- faucets, pipes, drains, showers
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Keeping you cool by maintaining and repairing your AC
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Banging out all your Handyman requirements